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Toad To Nowhere · 60 min · 2017 ·  Co-Directed with Andrew Rizzo & Eddie Roqueta

My life shifted when a new friend and fellow filmmaker asked, half-seriously, if I would consider accompanying him to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona to find a psychedelic toad and making a film about it. When I said yes to that, I had no reason to suspect he might end up with the necessary funds later that same week.

But he did, and so we did it.

Toad To Nowhere is the feature film that came out of myself and that friend, Rizzo, taking literal and metaphysical trips together with another fellow filmmaker friend, Eddie, shooting the entire thing. The film is an exploration of not only 5-MeO DMT, the powerful substance found in the venom of the Sonoran Desert toad, but also the full gamut of hallucinogens--in an effort to find out how these experiences might be transcending some kind of party enhancement, and might actually be capable of helping us get to where we cannot alone take ourselves on the road to healing.

We continue to hope that Toad will be an aid in understanding a mystifying and misunderstood world of the human experience.


Official Selection
FilmFort · Boise, Idaho