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Me Is Being Great · 22 min · 2016

[Excerpts from an article published in The Missoulian on April 11, 2016. Written by Cory Walsh]

"'I'm not going anywhere.'

While that phrase is supposed to be an affirmation of commitment from a 20-something to his girlfriend, it feels more like a last straw in "Me is Being Great," a 20-minute independent drama shot and produced in Missoula.

The film, directed by Marshall Granger and written and produced by Granger and Emily Johnson, is saturated, both in color and mood, with the feeling of late college and post-collegiate malaise, when drive can turn into drift.

Those two also deliver naturalistic performances as the couple, whose fragmenting relationship forms the plot. He spends too much time with his friends; she craves something more exciting than those outings or her work helping students apply for college.

After another dull round of beers with the boyfriend, she strikes out for a night in, and then maybe a night out, that will help guide her choices.

While that description may give the impression the film is an exercise in mumblecore, it's guided more by rich visuals than dialogue: the cinematography by Granger and director of photography Justin Reichert captures the retreating beauty of Missoula in fall, and the two can even make a shot of someone unlocking a bicycle seem poetic.


With a quick running time and plenty of ambiguity to its softly relayed revelations, the film goes down smoothly, like a moody set of synth-pop."


Official Selection

Local Sightings Film Festival - Seattle, Washington
Northwest Filmmaker's Forum - Portland, Oregon