Asaph · 13 min · 2013

From grocery stores to concert halls, Asaph Adonai lives his life from one piano to the next, always keeping his dream in sharp focus.

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Asaph was the product of a Documentary Theory and Production course I took while getting my undergrad at University of Montana. I first saw this man's faced just before I first moved to Missoula in 2010. I came across a series started by David Lynch called Interview Project, and there, in my hometown of Billings, Montana, was Asaph.

When I enrolled in this class and it came time to pitch ideas, I knew I wanted to use this as a driving force to track him down and make a larger piece on his life. I had grown weary of the "portrait film" and knew right away that this would touch on something deeper than a slice of life.

And I feel it does. Primarily shot on my own, this film is amateur and clear about that, but Asaph always has a unique effect on people, and that is out of my control.

Official Selection:
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival · Missoula, Montana
Magic City Shorts Film Festival · Billings, Montana (Best Documentary)